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About IRCNet Austria..

The story of the Austrian IRCNet starts some time before 1993 with itc.univie.ac.at, the first Austrian IRC server. In August 1993 another IRC server was set up at the University of Economics, vienna. The hostname was olymp.wu-wien.ac.at - today it's vienna.irc.at. Since then, this server has been acting as a hub server for other Austrian ircds like rainbow.studorg.tuwien.ac.at and irc.uni-linz.ac.at.

> irc.wu-wien.ac.at has an average of 5 servers and 30-70 clients connected,
> itc.univie.ac.at 2 servers and 15 clients, rainbow.studorg.tuwien.ac.at
> 1 server and 18 clients, and irc.uni-linz.ac.at 1 server and 30-80 clients.
In the summer 1997 hb.irc.at was set up in Hagenberg after irc.uni-linz.ac.at (1996), rainbow.studorg.tuwien.ac.at and itc.univie.ac.at closed their service. In September '97 the 3rd irc server has been created in Leoben, leoben.irc.at. Since that time leoben acted as a backup hub.
February 1998, after a few hacker attacks and technical difficulties, hb and leoben.irc.at merged and the server has then been put to Leoben and was called hb.irc.at.
In March '98 linz.irc.at was created at the Unversity of Art and Industrial Design, Linz.
In between there have been 3 other .at ircd's, atnet.irc.at, telecom.irc.at and isp.irc.at which then habe been delinked for various reasons.
hb.irc.at got shut-down because of attacks on its infrastructure.

From 2003 to 2011 ix.irc.at (location interXion, Vienna) was linked to IRCNet. Because of persistent attacks this server was shutdown as well.
In the year 2011 the two servers linz.irc.at and vienna.irc.at were replaced by a new server, also called vienna.irc.at.

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