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Frequently asked Questions
What's IRC?
IRC means "Internet Relay Chat", a real time communication system with thousands of users on hundreds of servers world-wide.
How to reach an IRC server?
To get on an IRC server one needs an IRC-Client (for example mIRC, see our download area) or one uses a web interface.
WTF is 'unauthorized connection'?
Because of abuse and various other reasons not everyone is allowed to connect to every server. Selected address ranges have to be added to the config file of the irc server. If you're sure that you want to use the server that gave the above-mentioned message and there are no alternatives to it a single mail to the administrative team should be enough.
Are there any rules on the server I use?
Every server has a message of the day (/motd). There the rules that are valid for the server should be mentioned. Just don't forget that there are (mostly) humans "on the other side"..
What's a Channel Operator?
A Channel Operator (ChanOp) can change the modes of the channel he is op on, can kick and ban people from the channel.
How to become ChanOp?
There are two ways to become ChanOp, one is to open up a new channel and the second would be that another ChanOp gives you that status.
Help me, my nickname is already in use!
Nicknames aren't owned, that means the best way would be to wait until "your" nick is free again - or you try to start a nice (!) conversation with the person currently having "your" nick ..
My channel is opless..
Sorry, there is no way we could help you. One solution would be to make everyone part the channel.
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